He Came Home To A Door Frame Riddled With Holes, But When He Found The Culprit, He Just Had To Grin

You know those home makeover shows where a homeowner is whisked away while their house is transformed into a dream home just in time for the big reveal? Imgur user Agno came home to his very own "home makeover." But it wasn't done by a professional designer and TV crew. 

His new exterior comes courtesy of woodpeckers.

Small holes completely framed the borders of his front door and the exterior of the windows.

The windows and the overall walls of the house were completely unscathed.

Those tiny little things stuffed in the holes? Those are acorns. This particular species of woodpecker stores them up in holes they drill in trees. They'd settled on this house for their very own winter storage.

The homeowner wasn't exactly thrilled. You could say this home-makeover was... for the birds?

Credit: Aqno

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