He Covers His Garden With Newspapers And Waters It. This Trick Is Perfect For Avoiding Chemicals

If you love gardening, you know how annoying it is when weeds begin overpowering your yard. They take forever to remove properly by hand. Chemical sprays do the trick, but they're also harmful to your garden and the environment. Well, there's a very clever solution to this problem and all it involves are some old newspapers.

How often have you seen this site? A perfect spot for gardening that's full of weeds.

The most common method of weed removal is chemical sprays, but there's a much better way. All you need are some old newspapers.

The first step is to heavily water down the area. Place the old newspapers down on top and cut out openings for your existing plants.


This is what it should look like when you've fully covered the area. 

Now it's time to water down the area once again. The water will soak right through the paper and into the soil.

Gather up some mulch. This will be laid on top of the wet newspaper.

This is what it should look like after it's been covered with mulch.


The newspaper will eventually decompose, blocking out the weeds in the process. This process will also produce some worms, which further helps the soil's vegetation.

This method has changed the way I garden forever. No more need for chemicals, and no more bending over and pulling out weeds.

Credit: A Garden For The House

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