He Created This Sculpture Out Of Heavy Steel, But It Comes Alive When The Wind Starts To Blow

Mar 25, 2016

Anthony Howe gets plenty of stares when people see his sculptures. The wind-powered, kinetic contraptions are carefully designed and so well thought out that it’s hard to believe they’re sturdy, welded metal constructions. When a gentle breeze begins to blow, the sculpture’s wind-catching spoons and paddles begin to turn, and the entire piece begins to undulate in fascinating patterns.

These pieces are so mesmerizing that Anthony has been able to manage his business and livelihood with his wife for 30 years. The pieces start at around $45,000 and go up from there. And up, and up. These numbers might seem quite high, but when you see how much effort (and heart) Anthony puts into them, you’ll understand.

As a complete aside, we at Wimp are totally jealous of his home and studio. The humble workshop situated in the midst of that beautiful, wooded island … even if this video wasn’t showing off some pretty amazing art, it would still be worth watching just to get a peek at that beautiful, incredible, natural existence.

Wow. Where do we sign up for that?


"I want them to be like nothing else you've seen before." Props to Anthony Howe. From YouTube videos to the fine art marketplace, his kinetic wind sculptures are truly and extraordinarily unique.

Posted by Great Big Story on Monday, February 29, 2016

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