He Cut This Grill To Make Something For His Daughter. The End Result Is So Cute.

Most kids remember the year when their dad gave them a bike for Christmas. This Redditor went a step further, going the DIY route. And it wasn't just any bike: it was a full, retro-style pedal car.

It started with a 32 Ford Roadster body and a chassis, ordered online. 

Cutting the front axle loose and bending the front of the frame rails to fit inside the body’s narrow nose.

Setting up the wheel mockup.

He used a charcoal grill grate to build the 32's grill.

A lot of work went into the nose of the body to give the fiberglass mold the right 32 look.

Sanding and building up layers of paint for the custom color.


With the interior masked, a coat of gold paint brings the body to life.

Masking it off for the two-tone color.

And here it is after eight coats of candy red.

And after five coats of clear gloss.


The finished product, with the windows sprayed and the wheels and grill assembled.

He even added a faux wood steering wheel.

Credit: Reddit 

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