He Didn't Want A Big Party Because He Had No Friends. His Mom Found A Way To Change His Mind

Roman Povey knows what it’s like to be lonely. The ten-year-old from Devon, England, suffers from behavioral challenges that make it difficult for him to make friends. As a result, he is treated like an outsider in his elementary school and has only been invited to one birthday party. During Easter Break, his mom, Molly-Mole Povey, realized that her son was dreading his upcoming 11th birthday on April 29. He knew that classmates would ignore his special day, a thought that was devastating to bear.

Although his mom wanted to throw him a party, Roman replied, “There would be no point.”

Molly’s heart broke for her lonely son. With nothing to lose, she took to Facebook and begged Roman’s classmates to wish him a happy birthday. She wanted her son to be accepted, if only for a day.

Molly hoped that her post would encourage parents to talk to their kids about being friendlier toward Roman. She never expected her words to become viral, catching the attention of people all over the world. But what she really didn’t expect is what happened next…

By Roman’s birthday on April 29, more than 200 birthday cards from all over the globe had reached his house. Many more are probably still on the way.

In addition, many people have offered kind words of support to Roman and his family on the Internet.


A simple Facebook messaged, shared over and over, is what created this remarkable pile of mail.

Perhaps Roman’s mom was the most surprised of all. She said, “The moment I realized it had gone global was when someone in Uganda messaged me and asked if they could send my son Roman a birthday card.”

Molly kept the cards hidden until the day of Roman’s birthday.

He was, understandably, astonished.


But the surprises don’t end there.

When Roman got back to school, many of his classmates were eager to wish him a happy birthday with cards of their own.

He also had a birthday party at a local movie theater, complete with 55 guests.

And guess who was invited to the party? Another kid who was known to be left out by others. Roman wants to use his new popularity to make sure that everyone is included. Although he will continue to face obstacles when it comes to socializing, this is a huge step in the right direction. Roman and his family could not be more pleased.

Even though Roman’s birthday has passed, you can still send him a card. Visit the Cards for Roman Facebook page for more details.

Credit: Viral NovaCards for Roman

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