He Didn't Want To Throw Out His Old Tires, So He Used Them To Build Something Awesome In His Yard

When you think of old tires, you probably think of them filling up a dump. They are almost the very picture of pollution and illegal dumping. But, one family found a creative way to upcycle their old tires into something that transforms their backyard.

They had already been using some old tires as retaining walls to contain the soil in their gardens, but this tire was much larger.

They dug holes the circumference of the tires, just deep enough to level the tires to the ground.

Carefully, using a circular saw, they cut away the top part of the tires.


They had filled the bottom of the tires with sand and cleaned out any stray rocks and pebbles lurking in the rubber.

They then covered the tires with garden foil and weighed them in place with gravel.

Bigger stones hold it all in place.

They filled the new ponds with water and added plants. Now it's really looking amazing.


A pond filter keeps the water circulating. This keeps mosquitos from breeding in the water and the water smelling fresh and clean.

And, the sound of the running water is so peaceful and serene.

Credit: Handimania

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