He Discovered His Backpack From 1993. Talk About A Blast From The Past

When Imgur user captainjim1 found his Jansport backpack from 1993, he unearthed a time capsule of his life of two decades past. This was the black Jansport his mom got for him in eighth grade that lasted, as good backpacks do, all the way to college.

"This was actually a replacement to one [I] had prior," he remembers. "The zippers work most of the time, but sometimes you have to know how to zip it properly. I vaguely remember removing the Jansport logo at some point in high school."

Amazing that the little leather straps survived. Guess he wasn't part of the whole many-keychains fad of the mid 90s.

And inside?

3.5" floppies? Yep. And actual calculators.

Chronological dollars. "I got these on my senior trip to Disney in 1998. They were brand new and I wanted to keep them for some reason. I'm guessing I've lost money on this deal thanks to inflation."


All of the junk from the front pockets.

There's the original logo from the front.

A class schedule from 1996, his junior year of high school.

A half-eaten energy bar from the fall of 1994.

"Flirty notes from girls my sophomore year."


"A bow and arrow from my driver's ed class. I used to shoot the insides of pens across the room." (I'm guessing this is a perennial favorite still.)

Secret code to... something.

The Winter Sports Awards, from 1995.

Credit: Imgur

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