He Found A Bear Cub Beside Its Dead Mother And Raised It Like A Puppy Dog

Casey Anderson, a naturalist in Alaska, was just at the right place at the right time. He stumbled across two bear cubs nestled beside their dead mother out in the wilderness. Knowing that the cubs would die if left on their own, Casey made a brave decision to adopt the cubs and embark on a truly adventurous animal rehabilitation. 

This is Casey with the two cubs. Sadly, one of the cubs did not survive the ordeal.

They named the bear Brutus.

Casey is a professional animal trainer so socializing Brutus was just a regular day.

They became close friends.

They were even like brothers.

Brutus even took dips in the pool.


Brutus was the Best Man (Best Bear?) at Casey's wedding.

Here's Brutus giving Casey a good luck lick on his wedding day.

Best bear photobomb ever.

Brutus sits at the head of the Thanksgiving table because when you're a huge bear, you can sit wherever you want.

Life is pretty sweet for Brutus.


Look at how close their friendship is. 

It’s often said that a dog is a man’s best friend, but perhaps a bear could be a man’s best friend, too.

Credit: Casey Anderson

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