He Found An Old Walnut Trunk In His Grandparents' Backyard. A Year Later, Here's What He Did With It

Ever started a DIY project only to jump ship at the first sign of it going awry? You're not alone – most of us are quick to abandon a tough hobby project and just stick to the easy stuff, like maintaining a Pinterest board.

But Redditor captaininsano kept going, despite hitting a few rough patches. And the result is all the more impressive.

"My parents cut a walnut tree down in their yard a few years back", he explains, "I pulled the trunk out of the brush pile after it had been in there for a year or two and cut this from it."

Cutting the log in half.

"I got the blank somewhat rounded before mounting it on the lathe but it was still pretty uneven and made my lathe jump all over the place. At the slowest speed I was able to eventually get it round."

"After shaping it I could see that it had some pretty significant cracks running through it. I wasn't sure at the time how I was going to fix this issue but I had plenty of time to think about [it] over the next 8 months while the wood dried."

"The cracks were pretty bad now and I didn't want to even try to put this on the lathe. Something about a large unstable piece of wood spinning at 1000 RPMs just didn't sit well with me."

So when you can't beat the cracks? Give in to the cracks.

Next step: cutting out some filler pieces from cherry wood using the bandsaw.


Using a disc sander, the cracked pieces were straightened out for a glue joint.

Now, a piece of curly maple wood matches the cherry wood filler piece.

And gluing it all together, first piece by piece and then the whole bowl.

Glued and gap-free.

A little time with some 80 grit sandpaper got the wood flush.

"There were a couple voids [in] the walnut so I filled them with crushed malachite stone and CA glue. It sands down very smooth."


"I used 4 coats of General Finish's salad bowl finish. It wipes on easy and sand with 600 grit between coats." 

And here's the finished project. Absolutely gorgeous.

Credit: Imgur

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