He Had The Idea To Build A Small Koi Pond, But What He Ended Up Doing Is So Much Cooler.

When his beloved Pit Bull died, Graham channeled his energy into transforming his backyard into a gorgeous space to cool off in the hot Texan heat and enjoy time with his son.

The original plan started off as a koi pond but then kept growing.

Armed with shovels, a plan and the encouragement of his friends, Graham set out digging.

The hole grew and a retaining wall helped it keep its shape.

Now the plumbing for the main drain and the skimmer come in.

Now the pour and pump installation comes in, complete with a protective layer to keep dirt out of the pipes and a flow chart for easy reference.


A shade tent helps give just a little bit of protection from the 105° heat.

With the main pool dug out, now it's time to work on the grotto. His son liked to refer to it as "the cave."

Rebar is added for extra reinforcement in the pool.

And on the grotto's exterior.

Graham never had a pool as a kid, but had fond memories of family swimming time that he looked forward to sharing with his own little one.

Once the 42 tons of shotcrete are sprayed, it will really start to look like a swimming pool.


The shotcrete takes a week to dry, but a very specific recipe has to be followed for moistening it so it doesn't dry out too quickly and crack in the August sun.

The tank, creeks and baby pool have a look that Graham's wife said "looked like a penguin habitat at the zoo".

A view from the roof just before the pool is filled.

Kid approved.

With a fire pit, a few plants and good company, Graham's backyard transforms into a gorgeous area for bonding, fun and keeping cool.

Credit: Imgur

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