He Lost 425 Pounds In 700 Days For One Of The Most Dramatic Transformations Ever

Losing weight can be a huge challenge for most people. It's just so much easier to put it on than it is to get it back off! That being said, leading a healthier lifestyle and losing excess weight can have a huge impact on your quality of life. You'll experience less pain throughout your joints because they have to carry less weight, your heart and lungs will be more efficient, you'll live longer, and have more energy. On a superficial level, you'll also look better and find way more options for clothing that flatters your newly-svelte physique.

The good news is that even though losing weight takes hard work, it's not impossible. People lose weight every day, making incredible transformations over time. It just goes to show, with a little determination and a positive attitude, anything is possible.


1. Ronnie Brower was tired of being overweight, and made a decision to change his lifestyle habits. Over the course of 700 days, he lost an incredible 425 lbs!

600 lbs to Success

2. Ronnie's not the only one to make an amazing transformation. This Imgur user lost 138 lbs in 17 months.


3. Redditor "denvosibi" lost 140 lbs in 19 months.


4. This Reddit user started out at 660 lbs. In the "after" shot, he weighs 285 lbs.


5. This Redditor lost 185 lbs in 17 months.



6. Redditor "sflannery86" went from 384 lbs to 173 for a total loss of 211 lbs.


7. Imgur user "lilll" lost 110 lbs in 10 months.


8. This Redditor lost literally half of her weight, going from 255 lbs to 125 lbs over 27 months.


9. Reddit user "Wilmolwin" isn't quite sure of the exact number of pounds she lost over five years, but, clearly, her dedication got great results!


10. Check out Redditor "hannahmae1991's" transformation, going from 261 lbs to just 115.


11. This Imgur user lost 150 lbs in just over three years.



12. Redditor "Ashley3nb" dropped 165 lbs in just 18 months.


13. Whoa! Redditor "r1ptide64" lost 235 lbs over the span of two years and four months. He looks like a new man!


14. "ArcticxM00N129," another Reddit user, went from 305 lbs, to 161, for a total loss of 144 lbs.


15. Redditor "imlosinitnow" (get it?) lost 160 lbs in 15 months.


16. It took Reddit user "JeffreyGlen" three years to lose 410 lbs, but the results are clearly worth it!


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