He Moved Back Into A Radioactive Wasteland. The Reason He Did It Is Heart Wrenching

Fukushima is a radioactive wasteland that was evacuated due to a catastrophic nuclear event. Everyone left the land, but some had to leave pets behind. Although the area is still radioactive, a hero named Naoto Matsumura decided to stick around and help out his animal friends who got left behind.  

Naoto Matsumura, known as "the last man in Fukushima," has taken it upon himself to save as many animals as he can.  Where he goes is known as the “Death Zone," and he wasn't going to let that name be true for pets like these two.

Dogs, cats, ducks, pigs, cows, a pony, and even ostriches greet him as he walks back to his old home. He owned a farm that was, unfortunately, yet another victim of the radiation. 


He knew it would be a dangerous decision, but he managed to return to the island multiple times to help kittens like this one. He couldn't bear the idea of leaving them to die.

As soon as the animals see his truck, they get so excited. Wherever he walks, he can hear animals in the distance calling for his help and comfort.

A lot of the animals can still be seen with their original collars. The scene is hard to look at, but many people around the world have donated resources to help feed the little guys. He has a lot of people supporting his selfless project.


Unfortunately, he saw thousands of animal skeletons chained up behind houses, along with chickens and cats. Being in a death zone, he only wants to make the animal's lives a little easier. 

Naoto has a son, yet he still comes back to visit the animals every day. Although he is unable to live with his son and his son's mother, he wants to set an example that will stay with his son for his entire life. 

Credit: Hefty | Naoto Matsumura 

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