He Pours Cement Into An Old Light Bulb. I Thought He Was Crazy Until I Saw The Finished Product

It can fill you with a great sense of accomplishment to create something out of materials that you would otherwise discard. Reusing stuff that would typically go in the trash not only helps to create a positive impact on the environment, but also allows you to be creative. Indestructible user ClenseYourPallet has found a great way to use some burned-out lightbulbs, scrap wood, and leftover cement.

Using pliers, he carefully removes the plastic insulator and the insides of the bulb.

Taking some spare cement, he fills the empty lightbulb.

He embeds a screw into the cement at the bottom of the bulb, and keeps it in place while the cement cures using a piece of cardboard.

You should wait overnight for cement to properly dry out and solidify the whole way through. Follow the recommendations on the packaging.


Once completely dry, break the glass away in a safe area over a container to contain all the loosened shards.

After that, take two pieces of scrap board and either sand or plane the board smooth. Be sure to remove any nails, screws, or staples.

Lacquer or stain the boards to your liking.

Nail the boards together so that they form a “T” shape and prep some holes in the bottom board for the cement bulbs to be screwed into.

Screw the bulbs into place.


And now you have a very unique-looking coatrack.

Using different wood and finishing techniques, you can personalize your own “cement-bulb” rack.

The results can be quite impressive.

Credit: ViralNova | Instructables 

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