He Puts His Socks In Vinegar ... Why? I'm Doing This Tonight

Do you like to clean? I'm one of those people that hates it. But there's a way to get people like me excited to clean. Option 1: I need to be ashamed enough that I wouldn't want a guest to see my living standards. Option 2: Get me excited to clean. How do you go about that? With smart cleaning hacks.

This video has 25 awesome tips for cleaning more effectively. Even a messy person like myself might just try it out. These tips will also save you money. Here's what to expect:

Get rid of dust using dryer sheets
Static electricity on dryer sheets makes cleaning dusty surfaces a cinch.

Get rid of grime with grapefruit
Sprinkling salt on a grapefruit gives you an acidic abrasive, great for cleaning grime from your shower and tiles.


Zap the bacteria off your sponge
Nuke your sponge in the microwave for a minute to kill most germs.

Clean small shards of glass with bread
A slice of bread works well to pick up those small pieces of glass that are difficult to sweep

Use chalk to get out grease stains
Cover grease stains with a little chalk and watch it wipe away in a few minutes.


Watch the video for more awesome cleaning tips.


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