He Ripped Some Old Wooden Pallets To Pieces. What He Turned Them Into Is The Focal Point Of The Home

You might see an old pallet and just think of it as a byproduct of shipping. But if you're dedicated to upcycling, turning forgotten items into new decor, you see a pallet as the perfect blank canvas. This Reddit user took one look at an old pallet and had a great idea for its new life.

At the bottom of the melting snowbanks around his neighborhood, leftover pallets started poking up from the melting puddles.

Pulling the pallets apart without breaking the boards was difficult, but he stayed patient and gentle with the wood.

Soon, his truckbed filled up with rustic boards ripe for a project.

He pulled the rusty nails out of the boards.

Next, he sanded the edges to smooth out the snags.


Now for a coat of stain on the wood.

He measured his boards and cut them to build his headboard frame.

The board made perfect slats for the platform.

Now, on to the back slats. He also built electric sockets into the frame. (You'll see why in a second.)

Another coat of stain brings the natural wood to life.

Looking good.


He then installed LED lights on the black slats.

Since he worked in architecture, he had plenty of glass samples on hand. 

The glass shelves make this DIY headboard super classy.

And at night, there's built in ambient lighting from the headboard.

He's definitely used one man's trash to make bona fide treasure.

Source: slapyogrannyndacreek

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