He Shows Off A Priceless Painting, But How He Got It Is The Real Surprise

While digging through some of your old junk can seem tedious, more often than not, you discover treasures that have been long since forgotten. Perhaps you have found a missing sweater or even some old holiday cards from loved ones, each thing is often filled with memories and has an accompanying story. With this in mind, can you imagine the shock when Dominic Currie discovered a Picasso while cleaning out his loft?

The painting was originally given to Dominic’s mother, Annette, while she was in Portugal at the age of 19. Annette was pregnant with the child of a Russian soldier and didn’t know what to do, as it was impossible for them to be with each other. The soldier named Nicolai Vladimirovich gave her the painting to sell so that she would have money to care for her unborn child. She never did sell the painting, but it is not known if either really knew the value of the gift.

After Dominic was born, the painting remained rolled up in a suitcase for over 50 years until it was finally rediscovered.

Dominic Currie, age 58, couldn’t believe what he saw when he looked at the signature of the painting.

A similar painting, seen below on the right, was painted by Picasso in 1910. Recently, a similar painting broke records when it sold for $181 million at auction.

Via: Aunty Acid | Metro

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