He Spends 6 Hours Everyday Putting On His 100-Pound Turban ... But That's Not The Craziest Part

Hopefully you aren't sharing a bathroom with Avtar Singh Mauni, because it takes him awhile to get ready in the morning. Six hours, to be exact. So what on earth is taking this 60-year old man from Punjab, India, so long?

Mauni is the proud owner of the largest turban in the world. At over 100 pounds, the turban's fabric runs the length of 13 Olympic-size swimming pools.

He has been gradually adding size to the turban for 16 years and says that he is accustomed to the great weight and bulk of it now.


Mauni is a Sikh, a follower of a religion native to the Punjab region. Sikhism is based on the teachings of ten Gurus in the 15th century.

Turbans are central to Sikh identity that goes back to the year 1699. Religious Sikhs wear their turbans whenever they leave the house, considering it not a burden, but a gift.

"When I go out, a huge crowd gathers around me," he says, "Some are amazed beyond belief and tell me, 'You are great for carrying such a large turban. You must have been blessed with lots of energy.'" But Mauni says he sometimes gets shy from the attention.


Because of the size of the turban, Mauni cannot fit into cars or public transportation, so he relies on his motorcycle.

Mauni is getting close to breaking the world record for the longest turban ever, at 400 meters. 

Here's a video of Avtar Singh Mauni's great turban. You can really get a sense of its size here.

Via: Elite Readers | Sikh Net

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