He Stacks Unwanted Wooden Pallets In A Circle. An Afternoon Later, He Has The Best Summer DIY Ever

Search “wooden pallets” on Pinterest and you can spend hours perusing the clever and useful ways that people have repurposed the once useless materials. From bed frames to bookshelves, garden boxes to porch swings, there seems to be no end to what crafty individuals can accomplish with wooden pallets.

We thought we had seen it all when this creative family turned pallets into a stunning hardwood floor, but that was before we saw Torben Jung’s latest project.  The Facebook user wanted a way to cool off from the hot summer sun, but he didn’t want to spend a lot of money on materials or upkeep. What he devised is simply brilliant.

First things first, Jung picked out the perfect spot and laid down a tarp. Then, he began lining pallets to create a pool shape. 


As it came together, he used heavy-duty tape to help the pallets maintain their shape. 

Next came the most important step – adding the waterproof lining. 

An extra tarp held down with tape guarntees that the water will stay in the pool. 


Once Jung added the siding, there was no way to tell this used to be a pile of old, unwanted pallets. 

Time to add water and go swimming! A simple, store-bought pump will help the pool stay clean. 

What a great addition to an already beautiful piece of land. Enjoy the pool for us Jung! 

This project looks so simple, even the most unkilled of us could build it within a few days. However, if you do try if for yourself, check around on Craigslist for free wooden pallets, as they are often given or thrown away. If all else fails, you can purchase them here

Via: Viral Nova | Torben Jung

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