He Started With A Styrofoam Ball, And Turned It Into Is The Most Creative Thing I've Ever Seen

Mike and Megan run an online cat furniture company called Catastrophic Creations (clever, right?). Tired of those boring, outdated kitty condos, their pieces are fun, charming conversation starters, often based on pop culture. Inspired by a villain from the Super Mario Bros. games, Mike and Megan set out to create their Super Mario Cat Complex.

Kitty shows zero fear.

The chain chomper was a hollow styrofoam ball, cut in half.

Styrofoam teeth are cut out for the chompers.


The ball is sanded enough to allow for epoxy to stick.

One of the balls is cut down to a quarter and attached to the main half.

Mike said: "I wanted the body to have a metal texture, so I used a product for making set props and then covered everything in many coats of epoxy."

"The body has the eyes, teeth, and inside the mouth all have a gloss finish to give them a wet look."


The chain chomper looks heavy duty, but it's very lightweight.

And, apparently, comfy.

The chomper, like all of Catastrophic Creations furniture, is pet-safe and made with non-toxic materials.

Check them out on online... if you dare.

Credit: BoredPanda

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