He Starts Out With A Single Block Of Wood. By The Time He Finishes With It, I'm Blown Away.

One of the coolest things about the human race is our eagerness to create and invent. Just when you think technology has reached its pinnacle or that you’ve seen it all, bam... you come across something totally new and fresh.

One reddit user recently created a clock that is unlike anything available in stores, and shared exactly how he did it – take a look. 

Here is the completed clock. It was hand-crafted using wood, a synchronous motor, upcycled bicycle chain, and rear cassette. 

First, a wooden frame was cut. 

And a pocket was created for the motor. 

This process was repeated four times, and then the slices were glued together. 


It took a lot of sanding to make the base nice and smooth. 

Two bearings were added – one for the cassette drive shaft and another for motor output. 

Then, the center of the cassette was inserted to the gear. 

And screwed into place. 

Next, it was time to attach the motor. 

It’s really starting to come together now…


But it’s always a good idea to test fit the gears. 

Cassette, gears, and motors are all in place. 

The only thing left is numbers – these were 3-D printed, but they can also be purchased at various craft stores. 

After making sure the numbers fit properly…

There was nothing left to do but see the clock in action. The image below is a faster version – the actual clock rotates once per hour. 

This amazing craftsman may want to keep his workshop open – there are no doubt many bike and clock enthusiasts who will be eager to get their hands on this clever invention. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 

Credit: Imgur

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