He Tells His Dog He's Getting A Baby Brother, Dog Turns And Looks At Him With The Funniest Face

When someone tells you they've got a baby on the way, the natural reaction is to smile and congratulate them on this major milestone of their life. Having a baby is happy, emotional news that creates a buzz of excitement throughout the entire family.

Some members of the family, however, aren't always so thrilled. Big siblings, in particular, are usually not too hype on a new addition to the family, since the baby is likely to steal all of Mom and Dad's attention. Well, sometimes, that jealousy can extend to the furry members of the family, too!

John Bache recently sat down his Golden Retriever to have a heart-to-heart talk about the upcoming addition to the family. He sat him down on the sofa and the dog even crawled up close on his lap to snuggle, but when John announces that "someone's going to have a baby brother," the dog's face changes instantly. He stops panting, ditches his goofy smile, and whips his head around to look John in the eye.

It's hard to say what exactly he was thinking at the time, but it's certainly not the enthusiastic reaction that John was probably hoping for! It really seems like he's not that excited to have a baby brother, but I'm sure he'll warm up to him eventually.

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H/T: John Bache

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