He Took Some Scrap Parts And Turned Them Into Something Incredibly Useful.

Earlier, we ran the story of Graham, the enterprising young man who built an amazing DIY pool in his backyard. Graham is back to his DIY-goodness, this time channeling his son's love for rocketships and a small collection of scrap metal into something astounding.

First comes the frame. (You've been warned: you'll have a serious craving for BBQ at the end of this.)

And added wheels to the legs.

Two utility vehicle tanks provide the fuel for the smoker itself.

Holes are punched in the tanks and spaces are cut for the doors.


Now the doors are mounted.

Using an engine lift, the two tanks are positioned together.

An old wheel functions as the "engine" and scrap pieces make up the "fins."

The handle is attached to the smoke vent.

A radiation symbol makes up the kitschy air intake vent.


And a welded cone adds to the rocket shape.

Inside the rocket, the food sits on shelves for smoking.

A smoking rocketship looks so cool in action.

Is this the world's greatest dad or what?

Credit: Reddit | Viral Nova

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