He Traces A Cut-Out Of His Hand, And Grabs Some Fun Fabric. By The End, It's The Coolest Thing Ever

If you have a spare afternoon and just a little bit of time at the craft store, here is an incredible project to make for that very special baby in your life. This is just too cute for words. (Warning, you might suddenly get a cookie craving about halfway through.)

Just look at all those rolls of delightfully bright, fuzzy fabric.

You'll want to get some bright blue shag fabric. Just a yard should cover it.

Next, trace the outline of your hand.

You'll create half of the rug on one side of the fabric and then finish it with a mirror on the other side. (Just remember when you're tracing, thumbs are always on the inside.)


Using an X-acto knife or sharp scissors, cut around the traced outline.

If you were struggling with getting the fabric symmetrical, here is where you can trace your steps.

Already looking good.

Simple balls of white yarn will function as the eyes.

You can sew black buttons on for older children or black felt pieces for very young babies.


Sew a little bit of foam under the head for extra cushioning.

And trace some dinner-plate sized cookies.

Stuff the cookies with pillow batting and add some chocolate chips and you're ready to go.

C is for cookie and very cute rug.

What an adorable gift for the sweetest Sesame Street fan in your life.

Credit: Instructables

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