He Transformed His Van Into A Mobile Laundromat. I Thought It Was Strange, Until I Found Out Why.

While listening to Alexi Murdoch's folk-rock ballad, "Orange Sky," Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi were inspired to do something to help their community. In an effort to raise health standards of Australia's homeless population, Orange Sky Laundry operates a laundry facility out of the back of a van.

Amazingly, the two creators of Orange Sky are only 20 years old.

They drive around Brisbane five days a week with volunteers to help the homeless do their laundry.


The man in this photo lives on the streets and has never been able to afford to wash his clothes and blankets.

The man in this photo, Ricky, also lives on the streets. He's showing off a newly washed sweatshirt.

Lucas Patchett gives the van the thumbs up.


A small donation of just $6 covers the cost of washing and drying clothing and bedding for one person.

Here is their interview with the local Brisbane news:

Credit: Orange Sky Laundry

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