He Turns One Man's Trash Into Another Man's Treasure. You Have Got To See What He Does

While many dumpster divers may go searching in the trash because they’re homeless, Gregory Kloehn does it for an entirely different reason. Gregory is an Oakland artist who aims to help out the local homeless people while also working on his creative abilities. Rather than create expensive sculptures to sell to wealthy folks, Gregory helps the homeless people in California by creating shelters. See just how amazing Gregory’s project has become.

In addition to dumpster diving, Gregory also searches through trash dumped illegally.

With the “garbage” he finds, Gregory builds single room shelters for homeless people.

His project has gained him a bit of attention.

He is being recognized by both the homeless folks he helps and the media.

The shelters are approximately the size of a couch.

Even though they aren’t big, they can mean everything to someone without a home.

Every shelter has a pitched roof, for when it rains.

Each shelter also has wheels for ease of mobility.

Typically, the base is made from wooden pallets.


In the beginning of his artistic career, Gregory created sculptures.

However, he knew he wanted to do something different.

Now that Gregory focuses on making shelters, he is sure his creations are being utilized.

Wonder is one homeless woman who is thrilled with his shelters.

The tiny shelter he created for her was her best home in the past five years.

“Homeless Architecture” is the name of a book Gregory published.

Now, he seems to be focused on helping people who are homeless to build their own shelters.

He helps them create homes even without a typical house involved.

Initially, Gregory was building tiny homes in order to sell them.

At his studio one day, a man who was homeless asked him for a tarp.


At that point, Gregory just had a small wooden frame, complete with a water tank, kitchen and trap for bodily waste.

Then, Gregory discovered this could be a shelter for this homeless man.

He knew this could have a huge impact on someone’s life.

However, Gregory can’t build houses on his own for every homeless person in Oakland.

Yet, that hasn’t stopped him from building these shelters.

Gregory said, “A lot of people who hear about what I’m doing want to get involved. Maybe we meet someplace and put a couple homes together.”

Gregory’s use of trash is absolutely remarkable. Who would have thought that so many things we throw away could be so useful for someone else? So many people have realized the potential of Gregory’s project. In fact, strangers have even offered to donate to the cause on Gregory’s Facebook page. It’s always great to hear of people who are making a difference in others’ lives.

Do you know of anyone who has started a cause to help others? Tell us all about what they did in the comments below!

Credit: HuffPost | Gregory Kloehn

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