He Used Some Old Fences To Take His Living Room To The Next Level. It Turned Out Just Perfectly

When Imgur user YourHeynis took down two fences, he noticed that a lot of the wood was still very salvageable. It was begging to be repurposed, but for what?

One of the fences had 1 by 4 feet boards, the other had 1 by 6 feet boards.

Once the boards were separated by size and color, they were sanded down.

Then, they were cut down to uniform size.


A pump sprayer sealed the wood against water retention.

The wood dried for 48 hours before it came inside.

Painstakingly, each plank was nailed into the wall.

They had planned out the color and the size ahead of time, so they had a nice aesthetic balance.


Looking good.

They were lucky and got a perfect fit with the boards.

What an amazing project to do with free wood.

It completely transforms the living room.

Credit: Imgur

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