He Uses A Soda Can To Measure This Pool Noodle. Seems Strange, But The Reason Why Is Brilliant

Ah, the pool noodle. Just thinking of one brings to mind the relaxing summer days that (believe it or not!) aren't too far away. When I was a kid, my grandmother had a lake house, and all the cousins had their very own pool noodle. We used them to float in the lake, squirt water at each other, and sometimes, if my grandmother wasn't watching, give each other a good whack on the behind. My uncles and aunts like the pool noodles, too. If they had known about this next hack, they definitely would have used it!

You see, pool noodles can be used for a lot more than floating. We've shared 11 alternative uses for pool noodles before, but today we are back with another that just might be my favorite. It's all about keeping your drink cold and afloat, and once you see it, you'll be running to the garage to pull out last year's pool noodles and start crafting.

So, what are you waiting for? Only 93 days until summer is officially here, and I'm banking on swimming weather before then!

All you'll need is a soda can, four popsicle sticks, a pencil, knife, and a glue gun.

Mark out the size of the can with about a 1-inch overlap (so you can pull the can out of the noodle).

Next, trace the outline of the can’s circumference along the end of the noodle and, very carefully, cut through it with the utility knife.


Stop just before you hit the mark from the can. Saw it off at the marked point and you've got yourself a poolside treat.

Want it to float next to you? No problem. We're going to build it a raft. Cut a piece that's two can lengths long.

And slice it directly down the middle, lengthwise.

Place both halves flat-side down. Trace around the original can koozie and cut it out of the two halves. It should fit snugly into the hole.


Reinforce the raft with popsicle sticks and a little help from your hot glue gun.

Everything should fit together like this, but don't be afraid to give a spot of hot glue here and there to help it out.

Have fun with your super chill beverage raft! 

H/T: Instructables

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