He Was Having A Rough Day, But A Stranger In The Parking Lot Helped Change His Perspective

Quintin Conway, an entrepreneur from Liberty, Missouri, was having an especially terrible morning one day. You know, one of those days where nothing seems to go your way. He was juggling a multitude of errands on his mental to-do list, and more messages and tasks just kept coming in.

After loading his truck up with some supplies, he headed out of the parking lot of a local store - until he drove past a woman who caught his attention. Just a short distance away was a bald woman, sitting quietly in her car, reading a book. Something about her struck a chord with Conway, and he described what he felt compelled to do in the viral video below.


"I have this overwhelming urge that I need to turn back around, go in the store, buy her some flowers and take them to her," he says. Holding back tears through most of the video, and says that after he delivered the flowers, he told the woman that he hopes "it encourages you to smile and pass along a smile."

The video went massively viral, and already has over 4.5 million views! Commenters were overwhelmingly positive, with one user writing, "You are an amazing young man and we need more people like you in this world!"

The incident certainly helped provide Conway with some much-needed perspective. We all have tough days, but there's usually always someone who's got it worse than us. His simple gift also made a big impact on the woman's day. She felt seen, in spite of her illness, and she felt loved. 

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H/T: Quintin Conway

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