He Was Visiting An Orphanage When Disaster Struck. What He Did Next Is Beyond Courageous

19-year old Ishwor Ghimire was visiting Kathmandu last week, volunteering at the Nepal Deprived Women and Children Upliftment Center.

On April 25th, children began screaming as an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.1 struck Nepal. 

Ghimire could have run, but instead, he chose to stay in the orphanage. "All the kids were so panicked and started screaming and crying," Ghimire reported in a Facebook message. "I asked everybody to get out from the building."


He supervised the children's evacuation and personally carried several of the smaller children to a safety in a flat vegetable patch.

All in all, Ghimire saved 55 children.

For now, they are living in a makeshift tent. It keeps them dry, but it doesn't keep them warm. In the meantime, Ghimire is contacting the media and donors for support online. But Ghimire is committing to sticking with the orphans.


Because Ghimire was once an orphan at the very same orphanage. According to a report from Mic, "...he came to the facility when he was 4, and over time assumed the role of the older brother to the younger orphans there. He attended Australia's Pulteney Grammar School on a scholarship in 2013, and today, Ghimire mentors other young orphans while he prepares to attend university."

To give to Ghimire's fundraising page, please click here

Credit: Ishwor Ghimire

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