He Woke Up To An Unusual Sound. When He Looked Outside, The Neighborhood Was Completely Overrun

Imagine waking up to a loud, constant buzzing sound. It sounds like a bee, but it's louder than you've ever heard before. That's exactly what happened to one Reddit user. He lives in South Shields, England and woke up to one of the most terrifying noises ever. When people see bees, their natural reaction is defensive. Bees have stingers. Stingers hurt. That's our immediate perception of them. One bee is enough to drive most people out of the room. But if you looked out your window and saw this...

A giant swarm of bees like you've never seen.

Although they looked like bumble bees at first glance, it turns out they were actually honey bees.

The real question is, why are they here? Where did they come from?

Wherever they came from, it didn't look like they were leaving any time soon.

Although some people might suggest calling an exterminator, it's not the best option.

Honey bees are dwindling in numbers, so it's best to call a beekeeper first.


The most likely explanation of this giant swarm is that they are forming a new colony.

When the queen bee leaves, the workers bees try to find a new colony.

As a result, the swarms can range from a few hundred bees up to a few thousand.

It's their natural way of reproducing.

But the sight can be terrifying when it's this close to your home.

Stating the obvious, it's best to stay inside. Honey bees only sting when they are agitated, and being without a home can cause short tempers.

Calling in a beekeeper won't cost you any money because humans are more reliant on bees than they are on us.


A good thing to remember when you see a swarm of bees threatening your home.

Bees are extremely important in the role of pollinating crops, such as broccoli, asparagus, apples, and more.

And of course, they produce honey and pollinate our flowers.

So next time you see a bee, don't swat at it. Consider them essential to our existence.

And chances are, they'll be harmless and fly away.

Credit: Reddit

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