Heartwarming Pay-It-Forward For A Struggling Couple

Sadly, some days it seems like there aren't enough good people left in the world. Just a quick glance at the news can fill your head with enough sad things to last a lifetime. But don't lose hope! There are plenty of people out there who go the extra mile, especially when they see someone who is struggling. And even better? These restore-your-faith-in-humanity-type folks don't expect anything out of it, other than helping their fellow man. That's exactly what this giving person knew she had to do when she saw the young couple about to check out at the store.

Sadly, this couple isn't alone; one in seven Americans struggle with food insecurity, a term that describes the inability to reliably access a supply of food at any given time. Some of this is down to food deserts, areas where there are no places to buy groceries, but much of it can be attributed to poverty. Estimates say that enough nutritious food for a family of four costs anywhere from $146 to $289 a week; this is a far cry from the meager amount of food stamps most people receive, which averaged out at $133.85 per month in 2014. 

Instead, most people struggling to find food have to rely on food banks and making everything dollar and bit of food count. Bethany Thayer, a spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says it's crucial to shop sales, use coupons, buy in-season produce, and stock up when possible. It's also important to avoid a common problem many people run into when trying to keep costs as low as possible: relying on convenience food. "Processed food and fast food offer a lot of calories for the dollar, but not a lot of nutrients," she explains.

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