Heavy Snow On The Roof Is A Real Hazard, But This Guy Figured Out The Craziest Way To Remove It

Winter weather has all of us rushing out to clear our driveways, but you shouldn't ignore the very real danger of snow accumulating on your rooftop. It can cause serious damage if it gets heavy enough to cave your roof in. Unfortunately, cleaning snow off the roof is really, really hard work. Thankfully, we found this brilliant tip that will make it so much easier.

This idea comes from the Just Awesome channel on YouTube, showing how you can use the power of a cleverly tied string to clear off snow in no time! As you'll see in the clip, the man attaches some heavy-duty string to strategic "high points" of the roof. Then, he simply comes down and pulls the hanging string and sends a small avalanche of snow tumbling off the roof!

This method probably won't work as well on flat roofs, but if you have an angled roof as is typical in most snowy places, it's absolutely perfect! As a bonus tip, we'd recommend adding these strings to the roof in the summer time, before it ever snows, so that you never have to deal with climbing up there in frigid conditions.

The Danger Of Not Clearing Snow

Anyone who lives in a wintry climate can tell you that removing snow from the roof is part of life. This is because the weight of that snow can eventually cause your roof to cave in. But how much snow is too much?

Unfortunately, an in-depth study by Popular Mechanics found that there is no one magic number. A variety of factors, such as what materials your roof was made of, how old it is, how well it was maintained, what kind of bracing it has, etc., all have an effect on how much weight your roof can bear until it caves.

Nonetheless, here's a handy rule of thumb to remember - six inches of wet snow is equal to the weight of 38 inches of dry snow. Crazy! 

Basically, if you've had a heavy snowfall recently, it's probably a good idea to clear at least some of it of your roof. Learn how to do it with string by watching the video below.

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H/T: Just Awesome

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