Helpful Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You Time, Space, Effort And Money.

Whether cooking is your passion or just a necessary chore you do between take-out nights, nobody likes doing busy work in the kitchen. But until you win a Food Network show and get millions of dollars to hire your own private sous chef, you're stuck doing it yourself. But fear not, these handy tips and tricks will help your kitchen process flow smooth like butter.

1. So much better for baking and melting.

2. Otter pops were my entire childhood.

3. This looks so pretty at the end.

4. This is so much easier than thawing out a whole jar of sauce.

5. The Hulk smash is really effective for garlic and life.

6. This works well for rice dishes, too.

7. It prevents freezer burn. Brian freeze still applies.

8. This makes chopping so much safer.

9. This is great for training them into "big kid cups."

10. All the summery taste and none of the mess.


11. Perfect for kids too little to cut up their own pancakes.

12. Frozen yogurt time.

13. You can definitely stretch a few extra days with this.

14. This works for olives, too.

15. I love this for making layered cakes.

16. If you roll your lemons and squeeze them over a mesh colander, you can get the most juice and the least seeds.

17. This saves so much scrub time.

18. Parchment paper around a muffin or cupcake makes it look classy and artisanal.

19. A spoon actually works better than a paring knife.

20. This helps reduce a huge mess with the seeds.

21. Coat a measuring cup with non-stick spray before you measure sticky foods like molasses or honey. 


22. Better living through science.

23. A couple pieces of bread at the end of your cake will help keep it moist.

24. Get your money's worth out of your honey by heating it up in hot water to loosen the hard crystals.

25. Freeze fresh herbs in olive oil to use later.

26. Giving it a gentle smack on the counter helps, too.

27. Mind your fingers when you slice cherry tomatoes.

28. For super clear ice, boil the water first.

29. The black bananas look odd, but they're perfect for banana bread.

30. Use a muffin pan for supersized ice cubes.

31. Save your money on the pricey sprays they sell at the store.

Credit: Listotic

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