Helpful Tutorial Shows The Do's And Don'ts Of Makeup

My wife is a gorgeous woman any day of the week, but being a singer, she likes to look extra good on stage. That involves a whole hour-long beauty ritual where she applies her makeup a lot more intensively than she would for a casual weekday. I have to say, I never realized just how complicated it was. I'm still mystified every time as she applies what I call her "war paint" - where she applies a dab of darker foundation to certain areas of her face, before blending/contouring it all together. In those moments before the blend, she looks like some kind of native warrior

When it comes to makeup, I always had a "less is more" kind of perspective. Makeup should, in most cases, serve to enhance and bring out the features that already make you beautiful. There are, of course, occasions where a heavier touch is required, but, for the most part, it's safe to say if your makeup can be spotted from several yards away, you may wanna lighten up. Here to explain how to achieve a flawless look and avoid common makeup mistakes is YouTube beauty expert Stephanie Lange.

By the way, guys, stop telling your girl not to wear makeup. I know you think you're being sweet by assuring her she's beautiful as is, but my lovely wife once explained to me that women also wear makeup as an expression of their own self and beauty. If it makes her feel beautiful, then who are we to say anything?

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H/T: Stephanie Lange

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