Her Adopted Puppy Turned Out To Be Disabled, So She Went And Got Another One To Keep It Company

When Alicia adopted Quinn, the Great Dane puppy, had no idea that he was different. There was little indication that anything was wrong until he started growing up. That's when Alicia noticed that Quinn had serious issues walking - he'd crawl on the ground, dragging his belly and hind legs behind him. He clearly needed a little extra help, but not just anyone would do.

Alicia went back to adopt Quinn's brother, Gray. "We decided to take Gray on because, thinking about Quinn’s quality of life as a puppy that can’t walk, another dog might not have wanted to play with him," she explained. "Gray kept Quinn’s quality of life high."

The two brothers and best friends got along so well because they both have the same problems, such as scoliosis, deformities, and being only half the size of the other Great Danes in the litter. This was all a result of improper breeding - their mom was bred with her full brother.

Now, Gray and Quinn take life day by day, practicing walking and getting hydrotherapy together. They even celebrated a birthday together recently!

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H/T: The Dodo

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