Her Guests Were Amazed By How Good Her House Smelled. Here's Her Secret

Every house has its own unique smell. Some are sweet and pleasant, others not so much. Most people get so used to the smell of where they live that they really have no idea what their house smells like. I know my family keeps a can of Febreze handy at all times, just in case a smell needs to be freshened up or if company is coming over. We go through them pretty quick. Unfortunately, that means a lot of trips to the store and money being spent. Luckily for us, we might have found the solution to our problems. 

A recipe for a homemade Febreze has been making its way around the Internet lately and thousands are singing its praises. It was created by Jen, the founder of, who used it for her own house and was shocked by the positive response from everyone who stepped inside. It’s incredibly easy to make and best of all, it is super cheap. A bottle of Jen’s homemade Febreze is only 60 cents, and you get way more out of it. You can follow along to the instructions below and try it all out for yourself. 

The way to make your homemade air freshener really shine is by using Downy Unstoppables. They come in the form of tiny beads that can be found in all different types of scents.


Once you get your Downy Unstoppables, all you need is four tablespoons of baking soda and a cup of boiling water.

Mix a quarter cup of beads into a mixing bowl with the baking soda and water. Mix until the beads dissolve.

Then, simply pour it all into an empty spray bottle.


The spray works on carpets, clothes, bed sheets and more. There is no residue left over and your house will be left smelling fresh and you will be left with more in your wallet.

Via: Jumble Joy

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