Her Husband Passed In A Tragic Car Accident. One Year Later, Here's What She Has To Say

Love is a truly, truly wonderful thing. For me, meeting my wife felt like realizing for the first time that someone completed me. It was like I never realized there was this empty spot in my life until she just happened to fill it perfectly. Some of you might have found that already, too, and I hope the rest of you do. Just remember to always tell them how much you love them. As this story shows, it's one of the most important things in life.

Three little words - that's all it takes sometimes. In the busy routines of our everyday lives, it's easy to start taking that love for granted. Taking that moment to say it every day helped make this woman's marriage stronger, and gave her immense comfort in her time of grief. 

If you haven't taken a moment to express your love to the people you care for, do it today. I know I will.

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H/T: Hrtwarming

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