Her Lemonade Stand Is So Popular, Police Have To Direct The Traffic. The Reason Why Is Incredible

When Alyssa De La Sala's family lost their home to a fire, she understood the importance of everyone coming together to pitch in and help get the family back on their feet. So the 10-year-old wrote a heartfelt letter to her local radio station.

Alyssa asked her local program, The Kane Show, to please advertise her lemonade stand to help her family.

The letter read:

"I am having a lemonade and treat stand to raise money for my house. It burnt down two years ago and the contractors my mommy and daddy hired to rebuild it took most of our money... They ran off and now my mommy and daddy are stuck trying to come up with enough money to finish it... I was wondering if you would help me by advertising for my lemonade stand on your show. It's called 'Help Us Get Home' and our motto is 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...'"


The radio station shared her story on their Facebook page and made announcements on the radio.



Soon, the lemonade stand was packed with people eager to help Alyssa's family rebuild.

There were so many cars that the police had to direct traffic in the area.


The visitors gave donations, supplies and encouragement to Alyssa and her family. The first responder firemen that fought to save Alyssa's house were some of the stand's first customers.

The family has made almost $15,000. Not bad for a lemonade stand. Watch their touching video and consider donating to their GoFundMe page.

Credit: A Plus | ABC Action News

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