Here Are 10 Incredible Kid-Friendly Drawings That Are Made With Numbers As A Base

Remember those old "how to draw" books that you had as a kid? The ones that would teach you how to start out with a series of lines and end up with your favorite cartoon character? This is a fun spin on those, but it uses easy-to-remember numbers to create adorable kid-pleaser animals. Grab a crayon and let's get started.

1. This duck starts out with 29.

2. A 3 becomes a bunny.

3. Number 12 becomes a woodpecker.

4. Every 19 wants to be a koala.

5.You can definitely still see the 15 in this rooster.

6. Is it a 10 or hen?

7. Swans, herons and flamingoes all come out of a 2.

8. This cool bird comes from a 4.

9. Watch out for 22's in shark-infested waters.

10. This ship is literally number 1.

Via: Topyaps

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