Here Are 12 Brilliant Hacks That Will Make Traveling A Whole Lot Easier

Remember flying back in the old days, where you could still meet someone at the gate, in-flight meals were free and sometimes you'd get a little airplane pin at the end? Well, those days are long gone and airport security lines are growing as fast as legroom is shrinking. But there are a few things you can do to keep yourself sane throughout your airport day. Check out these easy travel hacks to get you from here to there with a little less stress.

1. See if you qualify for the TSA Pre program or Global Entry to skip a few steps in security.

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2. Red eye flights save time, money and you're more likely to get a whole row to yourself.

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3. Pick the security lane on the left-hand side. It's almost always shorter.

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4. Carry an empty water bottle through security and fill it up at a water fountain to beat the airport markup.

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5. Sites like Seat Guru allow you to check ratings for your seat on previous flights.

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6. Ask about upgrades. You'll never know if something has opened up if you never ask.

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7. Morning flights tend to be less turbulent, so consider that if you get motion sickness.



8. Discount Park and Ride will show you the earliest airport parking spot available.

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9. Some airports have family lounges. They've got kid-friendly, safe spaces for the little ones and spots where mom and dad can grab a beverage and relax during a layover.

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10. Snap a picture of your parking spot with your phone if you're prone to forgetting.

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11. If your suitcase is over the weight limit, take out any jackets or heavy shoes and just wear them on the plane.

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