Here Are 12 Dessert Lasagnas That Take The Classic Dish To The Next Level

Mmm, lasagna. It’s one of the oldest pasta dishes in the world, and one of the tastiest. There is nothing better than sitting down to a plate of the Italian classic, with its layers upon layers of sauce, cheeses, spices and veggies – or is there?

These 12 desserts made us re-think what we thought we knew about the dish. From milk and cookies to key lime pie lasagnas, these unique desserts are sure to become a household favorite. 

1. Peanut Butter Cookie Lasagna

Hugs & Cookies xoxo

Nutter Butter cookies make up the base of this delicious treat. 

2. No-Bake Chocolate Lasagna 

i heart naptime

You had me at no-bake

3. White Chocolate Lasagna 

Lil’ Luna

Light, fluffy and super easy to make. 

4. No-Bake Strawberry Lasagna

Spicy Southern Kitchen

The chocolate fudge really makes it. 


5. Key Lime Pie Lasagna 

Oh My God Chocolate Desserts

Guests will be impressed by this unexpected twist on a classic pie. 

6. Milk and Cookies Lasagna 

Hugs & Cookies xoxo

Is a glass of milk on the side too much? We don’t think so! 

7. Creamy Vanilla Dessert Lasagna 

Recipe Lion

Any excuse to eat pudding

8. Cinnamon Roll Lasagna 

The Baker Mama

Imagine a nice, hot cup of coffee on the side …


9. S’mores Cookie Lasagna 

Hugs & Cookies xoxo

No need for a campfire here! 

10. Banana Split Lasagna 

Recipe Chatter

This might be the only thing better than an actual banana split. 

11. Apple Pie Lasagna 

Beyond Frosting

Ok, that looks scarily addictive

12. Pumpkin Pie Lasagna 

The Cookie Rookie

Sick of the same old Thanksgiving food? This dish will definitely spice things up. 

Via: Diply

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