Here Are 12 Heroic Animals Who Acted Bravely When All Hope Was Lost. The Last One Really Got Me

Whether a beloved pet or a wild being we admire from afar, animals are incredible in so many ways. Although it is undeniable that animals have unique personalities and tendencies, beasts of all varieties have proven to be capable of doing some caring, loving, and sometimes, quite unthinkable things. Check out these 12 animals who listened to their natural instincts to save human lives – it’s hard to pick which one is the most amazing. 

1. This is Kabang, a tiny dog who saved her owner’s daughter and niece by pushing them out of the way of an oncoming vehicle. Kabang suffered some pretty serious injuries but, with help from donations from around the world, is a very healthy and happy dog today. 

AP Photo | Bullit Marquez

2. 85-year-old Tami Akanuma was amused when her 12-year-old dog, Babu, insisted on going for walk. She finally agreed, but, once outside, Babu veered off their usual route and speedily climbed a nearby hill. Tami followed, and moments later, the duo turned around to see the 2011 Tsunami destroying their home. 

Nina Helmer

3. Debbie Parkhurst thought the end was near when a piece of apple became lodged in her throat, but her golden retriever, Toby, pounced on her chest to create the Heimlich effect. Once Toby was sure his master was okay, the sweet pooch covered her in kisses. 


4. Who would have thought that llamas make some of the best therapy animals in the world? Here a llama named Pisco enjoys a hug at the hospice facility he frequents. 

John Moore | Getty Images


5. Meet Lefty the Pit Bull. When four armed robbers broke into his home, Lefty jumped in front of his human master, taking a bullet and suffering horrible injuries. Although his leg had to be amputated, he is still a happy and heroic dog. 

Atlantic Animal Hospital

6. Robert Biggs was hiking in California when a mountain lion came out of nowhere and bit his arm. Unbelievably, a pack of nearby bears came to his rescue, successfully fighting the mountain lion off and saving Biggs’ life. 


7. Killian was always a sweet and loving dog, so his family was confused when he began to act hostile around the new babysitter. The parents decided to install a hidden camera, and quickly discovered that the babysitter was abusing their seven-month-old son. Way to go, Killian. 

ABC News

8. It’s never a good idea to participate in a “hold your breath” contest, especially in frigid waters. Yang Yun found this out the hard way when ice-cold water paralyzed her legs, making it impossible for her to resurface. Luckily, a beluga whale grabbed her leg and carried her to the surface, where she was able to breathe fresh air. 

Dave Mee

9. Brace yourself for this one – it’s particularly incredible. When Lulu the pot-bellied pig’s owner Jo Ann Altsman had a heart attack, no one else was in their home. Lulu made her way to the road, lying down each time a car passed in hopes that they would stop. If they drove on, she quickly made a trip back to the house to check on her human. Eventually, a motorcyclist stopped and followed Lulu to the house, calling 911, and saving Jo Ann’s life. That’s some pig. 



10. Wendy Humphreys did not understand why her cat kept jumping on her chest in a suspicious manner, but she finally decided to go to the doctor and get herself checked out. There she discovered that a malignant tumor was growing inside her breast. It was removed, just in time to save her life. 

Eva Prokop

11. Therapy dogs are amazing creatures that have helped humans recover from many mass tragedies. Here are two special therapy pups that spent time with children after the tragic Newton school shooting. 

Newtown-Strong Therapy Dogs

12. In 2005, a young Ethiopian girl was abducted, beaten, and left in the woods to die by seven men who had attempted to force her into marriage. For a week, the girl was missing, but when authorities finally found her, she was surrounded by three caring lions. As the humans approached the scene, the lions slowly walked away, confident that the girl would be in good hands. 

Nathan Rupert

These 12 stories are incredible, but they are only a few of millions of instances where animals performed incredible acts of service and love for humans. Share this with all the animal lovers you know – and don’t forget to show some extra-special love to the animals in your life.  

Credit: BuzzFeed

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