Here Are 12 Of The Most Amazing Products Ever Made. I Want All Of Them, Especially #11.

Remember when we were promised hovercrafts and robot maids? I mean, the internet and the iPad are great, but what if you want to take your home up a notch into the future? Check out these simple gifts to bring a little extra sparkle into your home.

1. The OCD Chef cutting board lets you do some food geometry.


2. Why don't we all have the Broom Groomer?


3. This is the spice rack of the future.

Fresh Finds

4. This dish rack drains itself.

A + R Store


5. The Slush Mug turns any drink into a slushee.

Fresh Finds

6. Lost your keys but have your phone? You're in luck with the BiKN device. Lost both? Rough night.


7. This remote control mop is the high-tech way to get kids to clean up after themselves.


8. Maybe not all that futuristic, but how can you not love these Chihuahua taco holders?


9. Class up your tea with a sugar doily.

Colour Me There


10. A foldable cutting board makes so much sense.

MoMA Store

11. Travel? Take this portable USB humidifier with you.


12. This palm up soap dispenser goes great with your OCD cutting board.


Credit: ViralNova

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