Here Are 13 Awesome Uses For Duct Tape That You've Never Thought Of

Duct-tape is a wonderful thing. It's an essential to keep around the house because it can be used to fix an almost endless variety of household problems in a pinch, ranging from plugging a leak to instrument repairs and upholstery damage. But duct tape goes far beyond just holding stuff together. Check out this list of all the ways duct tape can be used to its full potential.

1. Want a cool wallet for minimal cost? Duct tape's got your back.

Duct tape wallets have been around for a long, long time. I remember back when I was a kid we used to make them just for fun. Now that there are so many kinds of tape out there, you can really go all-out and make them super fashionable like these ones.

2. How about breaking in some stiff new shoes? Use duct tape.

The duct tape around your feet will not only provide some padding and protection in areas that might be pinching currently, and will also provide your feet with just a tiny bit of extra bulk to stretch out the shoes naturally.

3. In an emergency, duct tape can make a quick stretcher.

This is such a brilliantly clever use of duct tape. You may need to use a few layers on each pass, but it really does look pretty structurally sound. Field medic reporting for duty!

4. Want to try out something new with your laces? That's right, duct tape!

Using some duct tape to tie up the ends of your laces can not only help prolong their lifespan, it also adds a touch of extra color and pop for your to express yourself with.

5. Patch up holes in your shoes.

It won't last forever, but it'll definitely get you through and keep your favorite shoes alive until you can go get them repaired.


6. How about a whole prom outfit from duct tape?

Whoa! Talk about taking the duct tape creativity to a whole other level. These two teens took some blue, black and leopard print duct tape and made full prom outfit out of them.

7. Got a busted tire? Fix it with - you guessed it - duct tape.

Is there nothing this versatile tape can't do? In a pinch, duct tape can fix just about anything. I wouldn't recommend that you drive on that patch for long, but it'll get you to the nearest garage.

8. Use duct tape to pick up pet hair from furniture.

Besides being super durable, duct tape is also incredibly sticky, which means it's a great tool to have on hand if you've got a ton of pet hair constantly sticking to your furniture. 

9. Duct tape also patches leaky shoes.

Is it glamorous? No. Will it work perfectly? Probably not. But is it at least an option when nothing else is available? Absolutely. 

10. You can use it to make a quick sling-cast … 

In case of medical emergency, you can also use duct tape to craft a DIY sling. This is the kind of thing you hope to never really use, but it's still useful to know about.


11. … Patch up your tent ...

There's nothing worse than going out camping and finding out that you've got a leak in your tent. Thankfully, you can salvage the trip is by patching up the hole with duct tape.

12. … Or even to open a difficult jar.

If you've got a stuck jar lid that just won't budge, why not try using duct tape to get a good grip-and-rip going. 

13. Finally, try covering a pesky wart with duct tape to get rid of it.

This might sound really odd. Ok, it definitely sounds really odd, but just bear with me and try it out. A lot of people swear by this method.

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