Here Are 14 Of The Strangest Laws From Around The World. #10 Is Just Ridiculous

It's pretty easy to stay on the right side of Johnny Law: be safe on the road, follow the Golden Rule and pay your taxes - unless you find yourself running afoul of one of these very weird laws that are still on the books. Educate yourself now and stay out of trouble.

If you're a gentleman in Melbourne, Australia, rethink your formal wear. By law, men cannot appear in public in a strapless gown.

The Sentinel

Mind yourself in Oklahoma; you can spend time in jail for making ugly faces at dogs.

Humor and Laughs

You'll have clean shoes on the streets of Singapore. They've banned chewing gum.

Thank Your Body

Only married women can skydive in Florida on a Sunday. 



Shhhh.... There's a ban on "noisy footwear" in Capri, Italy.

Camel City Dispatch

No lover's lane in Eboli, Italy. It's a €415 fine 

Woman’s Day

Wilbur, Washington has a law on the books against riding an ugly horse.

HD Wallpapers

No napping - it's punishable in Ferrara, Italy to fall asleep in a cheese factory.

Britannica Kids

Keep it to yourself, Cassanova; it's illegal to wink at a woman you don't know in Ottumwa, Iowa.



You can get away with a lot in New Jersey, but slurping soup in public? Not a chance, wiseguy.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

There's a speed limit of 50 mph for ice skaters in Frankfurt. 

Wired New York

Carry a violin down the street in a paper bag? Not in Salt Lake City, you don't.

Globe Views

Old or young, it doesn't matter in Hartford, CT. The law bans people from attempts to "teach or endeavor to try to educate a dog."

Dog Training Hall

Camouflage is forbidden in Barbados, if you aren't wearing it as an official defense uniform.

Speaking of Style

Credit: Viral Nova

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