Here Are 15 Brilliant New Ways To Use Everyday Items In Your House. #8 Is A Lifesaver

There is nothing worse than a leftover product, just lying around uselessly. Instead of throwing this stuff away, how about making use of them in new, unique ways? With a little help from an intuitive mind, single-use products can solve a slew of different problems that we face every day.

1. A coat of nail polish can help keep screws or buttons in place. Glasses and button-ups are great to try this on.

Real Simple


2. A makeup brush is great for dusting the crud away from your computer keyboard.

Hella Wella

3. Need to keep the door open? Rubber bands wrapped around the knobs will do the trick.

Good Housekeeping

4. Painting will be a clean chore for once if you wipe your bush on a rubber band.

Good Housekeeping


5. The holes of buttons can even be of use. 


6. Pipe cleaners will ensure that your delicate clothes don’t fall from their hangers.

In My Own Style

7. Attach tape to the end of a container, so leveling ingredients won't leave a nasty residue on your finger.

Real Simple

8. Want to recycle plastic bags? All you have to do is turn your old tissue box into an instant dispenser.

Space Wise

9. Fill up the flower pot's drainage holes with a coffee filter, and you'll never have to worry about soil leaking out the bottom.

The Old House

10. This is perfect for a trip to the beach. In order to keep valuables safe, use this clever suntan bottle decoy.

Nightwatch Protection


11. A quick and easy funnel can be created using a two-liter bottle and a pair of scissors.

Home Made Simple

12. An ordinary kitchen drawer organizer can keep toothbrushes and other bathroom items in order.

Families That Stick

13. Lollipops, cake pops, and any other kinds of "pops" can be displayed or left to cool in a colander.


14. A glasses case is a sleek alternative to a makeup bag.

The Beauty Department

15. Ever realize that a Pringles can is the perfect height to seal in extra spaghetti? 


Credit: Diply

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