Here Are 15 Cool Things You Probably Never Knew Your iPhone Could Do

Since the iPhone came on the scene, it's revolutionized everything a smartphone is capable of doing. It makes calls, texts, emails, photographs, syncs up calendars, plays music, it's almost like having a personal assistant right there in your pocket. While the iPhone is simple to use, there are incredible tricks, customizations and time-saving devices in there just waiting to be discovered.

Here are just a few of them.

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1. Lock your phone with words instead of numbers.


2. If you say, "Siri, read my e-mail," she'll oblige.

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3. Drag the text bubbles to the left to see the timestamp.

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4. Siri will let you know what flights are overhead, in case you're stuck at work wondering where you could be traveling right now.



5. If you've decided against hitting send on that text, just shake the phone and it will delete that text you probably shouldn't send.

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6. Turn your phone to landscape (long-way across) position to see a more detailed calendar.


7. Hit the caps key twice to type in all caps.

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8. The built-in compass app will turn your phone into a level.

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9. If you or your toddler can't be trusted to stay away from the in-app purchases, just turn off the function altogether.

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10. Holding down your camera's capture button will put it in burst mode, taking several pictures in quick succession.

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11. Hold down the dash key and you'll get that em-dash for which you grammar sticklers have been fiending.


12. If you need a steadier hand, you can capture photos using your volume button.

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13. If you push the center of the headphone button on your Apple earbuds, they'll take a picture.

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14. You can create a custom vibration so you know who's calling without even having to take your phone out of your pocket.

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15. Need to charge your phone ASAP? Put it on airplane mode.

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