Here Are 15 Of The Most Mythical Hotels From Around The World. #7 Is Stunning

For some vacations, the hotel is just where you fall asleep after a long day of adventuring. For other vacations, the hotel itself is part of the vacation. If you want the latter but want to broaden beyond a generic resort, check out these 15 one-of-a-kind hotels from around the world.

1. The hobbit-hole-like Kolarbyn Eco-lodge in Sweden.

2. The 360-degree view at the Kingston Treehouse in Lion Sands, South Africa.

3. Zanzibar's floating hotel.

4. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland.

5. This amazing dining area in Conrad Maldives on the Rangali Island.


6. The snow-globe French Attrap’Reves Hotel.

7. Expect visitors in Giraffe Manor in Kenya.

8. Costa Rica's plane hotel is anything but.

9. The mesmerizing Swedish Mirrorcube Tree House Hotel.

10. The contemporary, hippie-chic Free Spirit Spheres in Canada.


11. Carve out some time at the Hang Nga Guesthouse in Vietnam.

12. Or Turkey's Fairy Chimney Inn.

13. Space out in Singapore's Wanderlust Hotel.

14. Martin’s Patershof Church Hotel in Mechelen, Belgium.

15. Hang high at the mountainside Äscher Cliff in Switzerland.

Credit: Bored Panda

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