Here Are 15 Party Hacks To Turn Your Summer Outings Into An Instant Hit. #3 Is A Crowd Favorite

One of the best things about summer is definitely the outdoor parties. Gathering with your close friends and family members in the outdoors is a wonderful experience. From chatting about old times to discussing current events, it's one of the most enjoyable times for anybody. Here are some really cool ideas to make your outdoor parties all the more enjoyable.

1. Leave sunscreen and bug spray available for your guests. Someone always forgets to bring them.

Catch My Party

2. Instead of ice, use frozen berries. They'll add a little flavor to your drink and people will have a nice little treat in their glass.

Red Book Mag

3. A s'mores bar will be the party favorite.

Wedding Bells

4. Instead of a giant platter, serve your nachos in a convenient cup.

The Girl Who Ate Everything

5. Use gift wrap paper as a single-use table runner.

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6. And mason jars are a great way to hold your candles and protect them from the wind.

Your Home Based Mom

7. Who wouldn't want to get a drink from these refreshment stations?

Easton Events

8. Leave out your utensils for people to grab as needed.

A Soft Place

9. A burger bar is a great way to keep people satisfied.

Inside Out Beautiful

10. And watermelon served on a stick will be a favorite.

Hi Sugarplum

11. You can make a homemade sprinkler with an empty soda bottle and some tape.

Making Memories With Your Kids


12. No need to worry about insects getting into your drinks by using cupcake liners.

Mom 4 Real

13. Chopped salad in a cup is more convenient than having it out in a large bowl.

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14. Keep lemon and cloves outside to keep flies away.

A Subtle Revelry

15. Use ice cream cones to serve your fruit salad. Yum.

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Credit: Diply

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