Here Are 15 Tricks That Will Completely Change Your Morning Routine

Morning always seems to come so early, doesn't it? Luckily we have some tips to hack your morning and steal the precision and time-saving of beauty experts. And nothing is better than a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning for your look.

1. Unlock the mysteries of those different beauty blenders.

2. How to clean up your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers.

3. Try your hand with one of these classic contouring guides.

4. The best eyeshadow colors for you, depending on your eye color.

5. Do your eyeshadow in the right order.


6. Finding the right eyeshadow color for your skin is key for a put-together look.

7. Difference mascara wands are better for certain looks. Keep a few spares on hand to achieve exactly what you're looking for.

8. Have you been using this trick to match your foundation?

9. A good lip scrub will make your lipstick look smooth and vibrant. You can DIY your own scrub here.

10. For a summer look that is fashionable but not ho-hum, pair these polishes together.

11. Giving your eyelashes a boost can give you that extra boost in confidence when you need it. You can even apply them on a weekday morning before work.


12. Give yourself a flattering brow shape for the shape of your face.

13. And each blush brush is best for a different jobs.

14. Definitely pay attention to the expiration dates to keep your makeup clean and healthy.

15. Here's a handy guide to the kind of coverage that different foundations and cover-ups offer.

Via: OMGFacts

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